Example Cases




Example Cases for Contracting an Interim Manager 


The possible assignments for an interim manager are very diverse and may also deliver your company significant benefits.

Here are some examples:

• The management capacity must be expanded rapidly as new tasks are pending which can no longer be managed by the existing management.

• An external leader is hired to implement a major project.

• A project manager with specific technical and implementation knowledge is searched to introduce new technologies.

• An experienced turn-around manager is being employed for the stabilization of a company in a critical situation.

• A person who has professional experience in the target country is hired on a temporary basis to set-up new activities abroad.

• The great success of a company leads to growth and complexity problems which are addressed by an experienced interim manager.

• A leader drops out for an indefinite period of time due to an illness or other reason.

• An interim solution is chosen as the recruitment of a leadership position does not succeed in time.